The iStandard Beat Camp Experience

The iStandard Beat Camp Experience

Hey, what’s good Maschine Masters! Another great producer event went down this past month and this one was held by the good folks at iStandard.  I kicked it in high gear by getting the all access VIP pass. There were so many perks going that route as opposed to the regular pass. You get your beats critiqued by industry movers & shakers as well as access to the VIP lounge. That VIP lounge was on point with food, drinks and a chef on deck holding us down between seminars. I must admit I came ill prepared this time around due to other circumstances, but I still was able to capitalize on a lot of the information and the networking.

So for 3 days producers from all walks of the planet were all bundled together learning the roots of how to make it to the next level. This allowed us to build relationships that one day may lead to greater opportunity. The event had some epic sponsors such as Native Instruments and XXL Magazine, but I still found myself missing my Monster Energy drink throughout.

Some of the class instructors were NI’s Stoni Cooper, Dow Jones 1/2 of the producer duo Tha Bizness, M16 Beats and Major 7 just to name a few. Man we were receiving master classes, DAW walkthroughs, mixing/mastering advice, I even scored some cool autographed gear (limited edition). We were able to showcase our work and they opened the floor to beat battles at this jazzy night club a few blocks down called Harlem Nights. Shout out to Harlem Nights for those awesome lemon pepper wings.

Beat Camp Winners

The winner of the Producer Showcase (@ProdbyAGE) got a Maschine Studio while the runner up (@BeetzGalore) cashed in with a Maschine MKII of his own. I got in some awesome collaborations with a few of the producers while I was there. It was a full blown networking & relationship building event.

As I think about it now I am considering the trip to Miami to actually jump in on the battles there. If you’re invested in your craft I seriously hope to see all you guys there next year. Maschine Masters is giving away 2 Miami Beat Camp VIP passes to MM members in the area. Hit there instagram (@MaschineMasters) if you’re interested. I managed to get some footage in each session on my Ustream so if you guys want to check it out click here. Until then I’m beaming out back through the stars.


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