TCustomz Vox Sample Kit Vol 2 Review

TCustomz Vox Sample Kit Vol 2 Review

So lets paint a picture. Imagine after hours of perfecting your drums and lead for a dope new beat, and you come to the conclusion that it needs some vocal one shots , to make your transitions really pop and captivate the listener. Some producers would head straight for their vinyl collection and start searching for that perfect chop, while others might fire up the mic and start recording their own voice. Now envision a collection of perfectly sampled and processed vocal one shots all in one folder for quick, and easy access for a super low price.

Whats up MM family D-nast here with my review on another super dope kit from our good friend TCustomz. TCustomz Vox Sample Kit Vol. 2 is the second installment in the Vox Sample Kit series, and includes over 140 one shots, grunts and, vocal runs in 44.1KHz 16 bit WAV. format , but enough with the stat list, lets check these samples out!

When I first got this kit I was super excited to check it out because of how much the first installment boosted and spiced up my productions,( for those who aren’t familiar with the first installment click here ) Of course the second volume doesn’t disappoint. While the first volume for the most part, was quick one word chops like, YEA , or UGHH, the second installment comes packed with some soul in it! Instead of the quick single word phrases TCustomz Vox Sample Kit Vol. 2 comes loaded with prime samples of artists singing, giving the user a lot more to chop and customize. The only flaw I really see with the kit is that there is not a dry version available of each chop. As a producer I always like to tweak my sounds to my liking, sometimes this can be a challenge with wet versions but the homie TCustomz has good taste so each sample sounds good.

Overall this is another great kit to add to the arsenal. Although I personally feel as if this kit is geared towards the boom-bap east coast style producer, it could be applied in many different styles including Neo Soul and Chillwave. With the small price tag of $12.99 this kit is extremely affordable and has great content, earning a respectable 12 out of 16 pads. So head over to today and grab yourself a copy of TCustomz vox sample kit vol. 2.  It’s half the price of normal drum kits and you will gain a lot of weapons to set your tracks ablaze!



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