MSXII Synth Immaculate 3 Review

MSXII Synth Immaculate 3 Review
What’s good MM family. Illeagle back with another review, this time for MSXII Synth Immaculate 3. First off let me say I’m highly impressed with all 3 synth immaculate kits as they allow producers to access the sound of the great classic synths which otherwise they may not ever have a chance to use. This Limited Edition version is a great addition to the series. There are 484 sustained patches from vintage analog keyboards such as the Korg PS-3200, Oberheim OBXa, Hohner Bass, Paia Strings and Things and more. Sounds come in 44/16 bit wav so they can be used in any sampler that accepts the WAV file format. There was no processing done to the sounds, so they’d be left in their original state.  
Unlike the previous 2 releases, this kit comes with each note chopped into individual files. They sampled every 3rd note (created patches) from each instrument. This is very convenient for mapping sounds in samplers like Kontakt or NNXT. Sounds in this kit range from dark to peculiar (peep out the Theremin folder). There are dark bass sounds,  heavy synths, and quirky sound effects. All sounds are highly usable. Another thing I really dug is the bonus folder of Machine Drum Elektron samples. These vintage drum sounds are a welcomed addition to the kit and I’m sure they will be useful in many aspects of production. 
The MSXII Sound Design team have been proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the sound design game. This release yet again delivers the quality they’ve become known for.  It’s well worth the purchase and will add to your sample arsenal more highly usable sounds for all your productions. Peace.

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