MEGATRON 2 Kit Review

 MEGATRON 2 Kit Review

What’s good MM fam, Illeagle here with a quick review of a kit I came across in my internet sample scavenging hunt. The Megatron 2 sample kit is the sequel kit to Serious Beats Megatron kit vol. 1

Lets start with the snares. Usually I dislike drum kits with reverb used on the snares because removing it feels like work on my part that could have been avoided by the sound designer making a dry and reverb version of the same drums. With this kit however I defiantly like the reverb added to the character of the snares. There are 20 snares, many of which sound layered. There’s chunky snares layered with tambourines with reverb (Megatron2 Snare 2, Megatron2 Snare 11) and others that have added delay trails (Megatron2 Snare 9).

The kicks are meaty and many have a sub layered under them. These are very versatile and can be used in anything from Trap to more underground hip-hop as well as hybrid beats heard by so many artists today (Black Hippy, Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper come to mind). These kicks can be used as is with no need to layer them.

One of the many strengths of this kit is its loops. There are two folders containing loops (Drum) loops and Melody loops. It has a variety of hard hitting drum loops in every style from Hardcore boom bap to trap. Two extra folders of complete beat stems are also included. I personally would liked to have seen more melody loops. (there are only 8 as opposed to the 35 drum loops). There’s also a construction kits folder that contains the stems of two original beats constructed by Serious himself. (Both are trap) Over all @SeriousBeats displays a careful ear to detail when it comes to capturing not only what makes drums that bang/ smack, but what gives them the extra ambiance needed to stand out from the amateurs. This kit although smaller (90 + sounds) packs a great punch as far as having versatile and usable sounds.



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