!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker Review

!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker Review

Waddup MM fam? This is it the moment a lot of us have been waiting for! !llmind doing Kontakt library blap kits. If you’ve never heard of !llmind you’ve probably been in a comma for the last 9 years…..if you weren’t in a coma and still aren’t familiar you probably shouldn’t call yourself a hip hop producer. (Sell your equipment on ebay, seriously McDonalds is always hiring…lol)

When !llmind introduced Blap kits they stood out amongst the sample kits often sold online. These were the actual sounds used by a top tier producer, tweaked to punch “out of the box” so to speak. Five blapkits deep and several amazing special limited edition blapkits later, !llmind has raised the bar yet again. !llmind unveils his Special Edition Blapkit: Rumpshaker, a unique Kontakt bass instrument that contains “Thick bass to rumble any booty in the vicinity”.


This is the 1st Kontakt sound library in the blapkit series. It contains some seriously amazing bass sounds. These are an impressive variety of bass sounds and could be used in any genre of music needing that low end rumble. It contains 41 bass patches, each with their own distinct character. All patches are set at a low volume to allow the user to tweak them to your liking via the EQ and Analogue Oscillators user interface. Sounds can be used as subtle bass undertones or cranked to add fat/ nasty warm analogue bass sounds. As with his drum libraries, !llmind paid close attention to detail and what makes fat bass have that feel producers crave and music lovers enjoy hearing. These bass patches are notably thick. The kit/ library contains sub basses, synth basses, and gritty as well as smooth bass tones.

The EQ and Analogue Oscillators user interfaces are very basic and therefore easy to use. By keeping the EQ to three bands (Low, Mid, and High) users can focus on production instead of becoming an engineer in order to get the desired sound. (Very minimal tweaking is needed to achieve the specific sound required for your taste). The Analogue Oscillators simulate the random “slight off pitch bend” old analog hardware used to produce due to their circuitry. !llmind made this unique characteristic available in the digital world and made it tweak-able.

Also included are bass glide and bonus folders. The Bass glides folder contains 5 bass sounds set to glide from note to note (funky). The bonus folder contains 2 bass sounds that are tweaked/ morphed into two VERY bit crunchy synth sounds. There are also 3 lush synth sounds contained in the bonus folder. When I say these 3 sounds are otherworldly and amazing….I mean just that. Hopefully these may be a preview for something else !llmind could be cooking up for Kontakt.


It’s worth mentioning that the one thing I’d like to see in future Kontakt blap kits is multisamples rather than just single sounds mapped from -c2 to c8. I think including these would take advantage of Kontakts full power. Overall this library is amazing…did I mention how sexy the GUI looks (literally). Big Sean’s single “Dance” comes to mind. Go cop it today!


D-Ski The Illeagle

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