Erik Jackson Presents – The ‘Dusted Velvet’ Review

Erik Jackson Presents – The ‘Dusted Velvet’ Review

What’s up world! D-nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on another super dope drum kit from the killer team of The Drum Broker and sound designer Erik Jackson. Dusted Velvet is a collection of 85 jazz-inspired chords played on a variety of instruments including the Fender Rhodes, a vintage Steinway Grand Piano, as well as a Samuel Shen and LTD Bass Guitars. As if all that doesn’t make a dope kit alone, Erik Jackson also tosses in over 50 drum samples recorded from a Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Set. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably already headed over and purchased this kit after reading the description, but for those who aren’t sold yet, let’s hop into Dusted Velvet and see what it sounds like!

The first folder I opened was the chords folder; this section is divided by three sub folders, one for the Fender Rhodes chords, one for the Steinway piano, and one containing midi data. Each sub-folder contains every chord possible including the Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, and Seventh chords. This is a great kit for someone who doesn’t know their chords but wants to learn how to build progressions. Not only is this kit a great learning tool, but it also sounds amazing! Each chord is recorded through a killer chain of equipment making each sound available for out-of-the-box use.

After building a progression with the chords, I certainly needed some drums to give the song some rhythm, so I decided to check the drums included with Dusted Velvet. The first kit I checked out was the dusted jazz kit; this collection of samples, as mentioned before, were all performed on a Gretsch Brooklyn Drum Set. Each sound included in this selection knocks hard and is a perfect kit for the boom bap producers. It is very easy to produce authentic sounding breaks with these drum samples!

To wrap things up, this kit is a nice little boost for any hip-hop producers’ library. With each chord appropriately labeled, Dusted Velvet is a must-have tool for any producer who isn’t completely fluent on building chords into progressions. As if the chords alone aren’t worth the price tag, Erik Jackson also throws in some super-dope drums to give the buyer everything he needs to create a sturdy foundation for a epic beat! Those facts, in my opinion, make this one of the best boom bap kits available. So head over to The Drum Broker ( today and pick up Dusted Velvet- this is one that should not be slept on!



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