Does Mood Affect Production?

Does the mood you’re in affect the way you produce? If you’re in a bad mood do you make dark hardcore beats or if you’re in a good mood do you make Pharrell Williams esk type beats; or can you produce any genre no matter what kind of mood your in? I would say that I’m fueled by emotion. Music is emotional and it attaches itself to the emotion of the listener. Now I don’t think it inflects the same emotion of the producer to the listener. I think your surroundings determine the emotion you attach to the track upon first hearing it.

Let’s take Happy by Pharrell for example… If you were in a tragic car accident when this song was playing and someone died as a result of the accident well the Happy wouldn’t be a happy song for you. As I’m writing this Anita Baker is playing and I’m thinking 1986 sneaker shopping because that’s the song that was playing when I bought my green and white Nike Court Force lol.

I always like to try to determine the mood of the producer when I’m listing to a song and it’s always cool to see or read an interview which the producer reveals what kind of mood they were really in when they made a said track. Now a lot of times we don’t even have a mood… We’re just in the studio tryna catch Wreck! We’re not happy, we’re not sad, we’re just focused on our machine; and those are the times that anything goes. Your liable to come up with anything from an underground head banger to a billboard 100 pop hit!

So next time your in the studio I want you to pay attention to what kind of mood you’re in and see if it dictates what type of beat you make. Post your thoughts in the comment section below. Until next time this is E52 saying stay tuned and stay Bangin’… Peace



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