“VOICES” The S1 Vocal Collection Review

“VOICES” The S1 Vocal Collection Review

What’s happening everyone? Well Known Tone here and I’m back with another quick review. Last night I spent some time with a new vocal sample pack from Grammy Award winning, Platinum producer Symbolic One also known as S1.  This joint is simply called “Voices” and features the songwriting and production team, The Frontrunnaz.  This gem is loaded with over 50 vocal samples with an assortment of flavor.

The sounds come in wav. format making the “Voices” kit compatible with most if not all DAWS and drum machines. Organized in 8 easy to browse folders with descriptive titles makes it simple to jump in and grab exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical on what to expect. I thought this was just another pack of “OOOOHHHH’s” and “AAAAHHHH’s” mixed with some harmonic hums. But certainly not the case here. S1 kept the producers in mind with this one by offering up a nice little range of variety.

The first folder I peeped out was the Bay Area Stems. Comprised of 11 raw, swanked out sassy phrases that kind of had an Iggy Azalea vibe embedded into them. Some of the vox had some effects added to em that sounded pretty dope, although I would have loved to have seen some dry versions of these samples. I then bounced over to the Bonus folder, which lead me to the show stealer. This folder has a stash of these African influenced type harmonic chants that immediately inspired me. Instantly I loaded one into my DAW and began playing with some effects along with a drum groove. I was stuck in a spell bounding creative mode for almost an hour off of one vocal sample. I was chopping, pitching, reverbing, time stretching these vocals with a bright light bulb above my head. The ideas were just flowing. I then had to stop myself and save my project in order to bring you guys the rest of this review.

The six other folders contained some great stuff as well. From epic “Salute” chants, to more ethnic excellence. The backup harmonics on here are sure to set your track up to flow with grace and class. The samples quality is deluxe and ready to be shoved into any mix. Beware, there are no instruments included in the kit, just prime vocal work. The final folder was the cherry on top. Here is where I found the full length versions of the vocals that were chopped up to create this collection of samples. This only added to the extension of creativity you can achieve within this library.

Overall Symbolic One aced this one. I’m giving this one a 4 out of 5.  This pack is on the higher end of the sample pack price spectrum ringing up at 25 beans. The absence of dry versions of the samples certainly puts a cap on the flexibility you have when adding your own effects but that is quickly made up with the quality level as well as the variety and uniqueness this library offers. Definitely a fun kit, the sounds are fresh and original. Some may argue the price tag, but I found it well worth it just with the ethnic samples alone.  But that’s just me. So if you have a chance, definitely check this one out and until next time, this is Well Known Tone signing off.

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