“THE SCORES” by Cardiak & Critacal Review

“THE SCORES” by Cardiak & Critacal Review

What’s up MM Heads!  It’s your dude BROADWAY here to review a new release from Cardiak & Critacal titled The Scores”.This sample library features  20 original compositions by the duo, most laden with sweet piano riffs and lush string backing.  

What this sample library gives the producer is an excellent foundation or starting point to start a new beat.  The sounds are excellently chosen with a great sounding grand piano and what sounds to be a rich VST for the orchestral sounds such as the violins.  The chord progressions throughout the project all have a very emotional feel unto themselves, which give you an array of directions to take your productions.

The project is called “The Scores” seemingly for a reason, as the kit feels as if it is themed.  Most tracks on it have a very soulful feel to them and use many of the same instruments, while remaining unique in their own ways.  Tracks like “Preview” stand-out because they take a different tone progression-wise while riding an aggressive melody unlike the rest of the tracks which feel more emotion-driven. 

There are no drums throughout the entire kit, which is standard for most sample libraries, giving you optimum creative room for your drum programming as a producer.  This kit also comes with the STEMS, rather than not including them like some sample libraries, which is a credit to Cardiak and Critacal for keeping the producer in mind when making this decision.  Having the stems is so very important creatively in the arrangement as well as technically in the mix, so my hat goes off to the duo for keeping that in mind, and I hope more libraries begin to include the stems in the original releases going forward.

If you are looking for a GREAT kit with a plethora of samples to begin beats containing deep-rooted piano and lavish strings that wash over you, this is a kit you must buy.  It’s a perfect way to start terrific beats that heavily feature piano-driven melodies. This kit gets a BROADWAY Seal of Approval. For the producer looking to jump start their creativity and get some ideas going, pick up “The Scores” by Cardiak & Critacal.

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