MSXII Presents ‘The Fill Up Banks Kit’ Review

MSXII Presents ‘The Fill Up Banks Kit’ Review

What’s good everyone? Well Known Tone here, and I am back with another quick review. Today I have had the honorable pleasure to spend some time with yet another addition to the ever growing MSX Sound Design collection. A very handy and precise kit of all drum fills. Thirty to be exact. With a very clever title,”Fill-Up Banks”, this kit is intended to do just that.

This crafty concept of creating a library of just drum fills is only a shimmer of the brilliance behind this kit. All original grooves performed on that sweet sounding Pork Pie kit MSX has been familiarizing us with. The 16 bit wav.format chunks sit great in the mix as you send that delicious drum sequence around the corner to meet up with that earth shattering crash on the one. In conjunction with other MSX libraries like Synth Immaculate and Rhodes and Vibes, Fill-Up Banks is a perfect fit.

I had a massive amount of fun chopping up some of the fills to maintain the consistency of the drum sounds. It was great hearing the fresh un-recycled material MSX has put together. There was no slouching in quality as the two sound designers have proven to master a colorful sound from there custom drum sets. But don’t get it twisted, the high quality did not prevent me from using these fills on some disgustingly gross vinyl samples. The outcome was quite imperial. Needless to say, Fill-Up Banks has found a permanent home in my collection.

This kit gets a clean 4 out of 5 with me. I love the concept, especially in a saturated drum kit game where the one shot format has reigned supreme. The $14.99 ticket on this kit is a scrumptious bargain, and the quality is certainly unmatched. Navigating through the one folder of 30 sounds made for a quick start up and workflow enhancement. The fact that it was just drum fills was fine for me, but I can see where some cats may have expected more, like maybe chopped versions of the fills or even a few synth sounds. But hey what do you expect, when you deliver pure quality products it only leaves the consumer wanting more. So until next time guys this is Well Known Tone signing off.

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