MSXII Joe Deertay 2 Kit Review

The Joe Deertay 2 Review

In 2001 David Spade landed the role of a man who was an underdog all his life, a rocker through and through, always kept an upbeat attitude and made us feel sorry for him while he lived his life looking for the parents that left him at the Grand Canyon. Joe Dirt (or Deertay as he “churched it up”) made his way into the hearts of guys that lost daily across the world (this reviewer included) and today, he’s back… technically for a 2nd time. The good folks at MSXII Sound (@MSXIIsound) have reincarnated the lovable loser into a big winner with part 2 of a sound pack bearing his name. Deertay 2 comes packed with original compositions and unreleased drum breaks to spark creativity.

Inside we find the kit is broken into 3 folders and 10 wav files. Those 10 wav files are the complete original works by the MSXII team.  We will break down each folder starting with the Bonus Breaks folder. Inside are 12 drum loops recorded live through vintage gear by Neve, SSL, and API. They are clean and crisp, ready to be chopped into the backbone of your tracks.

The second folder is the Example Chops folder. Inside you will find exactly as it sounds, examples of how you can chop these outstanding original compositions. These examples are in REX format. For you Maschine users that are unaware, MASCHINE READS REX!! This is an outstanding feature for those who have Recycle files you want to use in Maschine. For all 10 of the original compositions in here, you’ll find examples on how the developers chopped their own work. These are great for quickly getting inspiration when in the studio. 

The final folder (and the one that I feel most people will love) is the Stem Files folder. And just as the Example folder, it is exactly as it sounds. It contains all the stem work from each of the 10 compositions in wav format. Meaning, you can use these in ANY DAW or sampler. One thing I noticed is that the wav is literally the direct stem, so some of the sounds don’t start for about 8 seconds sometimes a bit longer. This isn’t a huge deal, but I know the impatience in some of us may allow this to get on our nerves. With all 10 works broken into stems, we have a total of around 55 tracks to chop up.

Joe Deertay 2 captures an extremely warm sound though the gear it was recorded through. Live drums and a Fender Rhodes are just 2 items in the gear credits for the creation of this kit. This library is an excellent addition to anyone and everyone looking to get that soulful sound. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being left at the Grand Canyon as a child, 16 riding in a hot air balloon looking down a very attractive woman’s shirt) Deertay 2 checks in at 11 pads. Grab your copy today!


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