MSXII Beat Box 2 Kit Review

MSXII Beat Box 2 Kit Review

What’s up my MM family. It’s the Maschine General E52BEATS here with another review… this time I bring you the goods on the BEAT BOX 2 KIT from MSXII Sound Design. This kit is jammed pack with tons of ill human beat boxing samples. Using the Neuman TLM 102 mic and Apogee preamps, this kit sounds like a real human beat boxer is right in your Maschine, Hardware Sampler or other DAW. 

This kit contains 161 samples that you can manipulate  to the fullest and I truly urge you to do so. 12 folders in all and each one filled with old school beat boxing reminiscent of the MISSY-TIMBALAND ERA of Hip Hop.  Although these samples are ready to go from the jump, these sounds were meant to be CHOPPED and REPROGRAMMED! These sounds mixed with some drums will give your drums more feelings… the “AIR” or “Breath” from the beat box is what’s going to give your production that added component that will undeniably add more dynamics to your track.

Make sure to peep the demo below and go out and cop the second installment of  MSXII Sound Design’s Beat Box 2 kit. Until next time stay tuned and stay Bangin’… Peace!

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