MSXII Audio Presents: The Jungle Kit Review

MSXII  Audio Presents: The Jungle Kit Review

What up MM world! Its all about the groove, the rhythm, and the flow. As we are programming electronic music, the perfect blend of soul from the human element can genuinely alter its feeling. MSXII  Audio Presents: The Jungle Kit. With over 40 loops of ethnic drums such as timbale, cajon, djembe and others; MSXII unleashes the purities of rhythms & authentic grooves.

With all files in 16bit .wav format, it becomes effortless to load these up and get busy. All sounds stay in a mid tempo range giving us perfect pocket fill ins. The sound quality is so well produced that you actually feel the movements of the player as their hands snap back and forth with different velocities. When added to tracks, the layers grant a native texture sonically that complements all types of beats. For example; I created a soul sample joint then added a djembe loop and tambourine loop. Instantly the Jungle Kit took over and drove the swing of the beat.

I very much enjoyed working with The Jungle Kit into my production, and you should benefit as well. You’ll have the ability to chop them up and tweak or let them ride. Listed at $19.99, it is a small investment to adopt a new rhythm within your tracks!


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