Minty Drums 3 Review

Minty Drums 3 Review

What do Scope, Doublemint Gum, and Schnopps have in common with production? The freshness of MINT! Recently released Minty Drums 3 is the latest and greatest in the series from J. Thorn (@speakmumbles). Loaded with plenty of kicks, snares, hi hats and more, this may be the best of the Minty Series. Available in 16 bit and 24 bit, it doesn’t disappoint. Let’s get the details.

The bread and possibly the butter of MD3 are the kicks. These kicks were sampled from punk rock studio sessions using only the best quality gear. These kicks great punch and outstanding beater action. They will be sure to lay a great foundation in your productions. Watching through a frequency analyzer, it’s clear to see bottom end isn’t a problem here.

The snares in MD3 are average at best. They obviously have that live sound, but don’t have that crack that we look for. However, they are excellent for layering and would definitely recommend them as a second layer to an additional snare or clap. There are a couple snares that really do stand out (see snare 5 and snareslappin).

Two treats added to this kit are the analog drum machine kicks and the “low low thump patch” folders. These folders are exactly as they sound. The analog kick drum folder in my opinion could be a kick drum kit for purchase by itself, they are that nasty. The thump patch folder is essentially an 808 sampled at different pitches… nothing we don’t already have in our arsenal.

Mr. Thorn has done it once again, delivering a good quality kit at a very reasonable price. Rides, toms, hats, and crashes round out the kit giving the user a little bit of everything. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being in the desert with no drink 16 being in that same desert having a mirage of a pool party) MD3 clocks in at a solid 11 pads. Make sure you get yours!


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