Life before Producer Drum Kits

Life before Producer Drum Kits

I recently wrote a piece called “The kick heard around the world” and in that article I interviewed some of the top producers that we all look up to or have looked up to at one point or another. They told me some of their favorite or “go to” drums and I was surprised to learn that most of them used abhorrent drums! I wish I could give examples, but trust me, these drums straight off the vinyl were objectionable. All of them said making the drums become BIG was all part of the process of producing too. It gave them pride in making them nondescript drums sound incredible so as a whole (samples and drums) the final production gave them joy.

It’s easy to find a sample go buy drums that already knock and make a track and call it your own, but deep down inside you know you share that production with !llmind, S1, Havoc, MSXII or whoever’s kit you happen to load up into your drum machine, sampler or DAW your working with. And I’m pretty sure some of these producers know that and feel some type of exultation in knowing that 1000’s of producers are using their sounds to create “their” sound.

producer drum kit

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with buying drums because I’m sure if there was such a service available when I first started out in the 80’s I’m sure I would have been a repeat customer.  I think the people that provide this service are doing a great thing because I know how hard it is in the beginning to get started especially if you don’t have anyone to point you in the right direction.

I do think that at some point a producer should find his OWN sound in his or her journey. I said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s nothing like creating your own signature sound. If you’ve become accustom to buying drums you still can create your OWN sound and I encourage you to do so and remember ADSR is your friend. I’ll get into ADSR in my next blog. So until next time, this is the Maschine General E52 saying stay tuned and stay Bangin’… Peace



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