Foreign Allegiance – Beats x Beers Drum Kit Review

Foreign Allegiance – Beats x Beers Drum Kit Review

With the summer right around the corner, nothing beats the heat like kicking back an ice cold brew while rocking out to some dope beats. What’s up world, D-nast here, with my thoughts on a kit that is the perfect ingredient to kick everyone’s summer off right. The Beats X Beer Drum Kit (BXB) is a dope collection of sounds from our good friend, The Drum Broker, and the production team Foreign Allegiance. For those who don’t know, Foreign Allegiance is the duo behind such hits as Big Krits “What You Know About It” and Jon Connors “Listen”, both of which were on The Beats X Beer EP. With memorizing synths and hard-hitting drums, it’s a blessing to own the same drums used in the EP. Now that you know who this epic squad is, let’s see what BXB has to offer.

Kicks– With 9 choices in total, this is my favorite section of the kit. Each kick instantly boosted the “thump” in my tracks, and gave it a distinct flavor. My personal favorite is from the song “Walking Revolution”. This hard-hitter is perfectly EQ’d and guaranteed to get any speaker knocking.

Snares/Claps– Each snare/clap included has a very unique characteristic (a perfect scenario for a producer looking for a wide variety of options in one “go-to” folder). With 14 options to choose from, this section has something for everyone. My favorite is the snare from the song “IDGAS”; this beast sounds like a door being slammed in your face, layered with a open hat. This combination is certain to stand out and get the listeners head bopping.

Hats– This section of BXB offers 12 samples, which include a variety of open and closed hats, as well as, a few pre-made rolls. The hat rolls included offer unique patterns that perfectly compliment a southern-style beat. Although a majority of the sounds in this section are “live” acoustic samples, they still offer the cleanliness of a digital sample, giving the track a clean vintage vibe!

Loops– The loops folder only contains 4 samples, but they are not to be overlooked. My favorite loop from this selection would be the “Dirty Loop”. This loop is an extremely grimy boom-bap-style break beat that can be chopped and flipped a number of ways, always yielding great results.

VX and FX– This section offers the most variety with 18 options. This group of samples is what’s needed to give your productions that final “seasoning”, filling the void left between your “meat and potatoes” (kick and snare). The most appealing part of this folder is the quality of the vox included. Most drum kits sold nowadays that contain “vox” only include short one-worded grunts, which don’t offer much to flip. The “vox” included with this kit are a combo of grunts and the samples used for the hooks in the BXB EP. This combination is tons of fun to play with, leaving endless possibilities.

To wrap things up, this kit is perfect for anyone who needs a boost to their arsenal without breaking the bank. With a total of 63 samples, and the small price tag of 9.99, this kit offers a great bang for its buck. That’s right guys, for ten bucks you can gain the same samples that were used on major placements. So head over to The Drum Broker ( today and pick this bad boy up, you’ll be thanking me later!

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