A Million Ways to Break Vol. 2 Review

A Millions Ways to Break Vol 2 Review

            When most people hear the word break, they think tragedy. Usually the word break goes with terrible things like to break an arm, leg, or expensive china. But then there are us producers who think break and think, Funky Drummer and Impeach the President. Our friends over at KicksandSnares.com (@kicksandsnares) have a treat for us choppers. Meet A Million Ways to Break Vol. 2, the follow up to the recently released A Million Ways to Break. KicksandSnares went above and beyond with this break kit. Let’s break it down (pun completely intended).

            A Million Ways to Break Vol2 contains 25 breaks in WAV format for your pleasure each neatly labeled and divided into folders. I know someone out there is thinking as they read that “Why are the breaks divided into folders?” Well, K&S not only gave us the entire break, but they’ve also already taken the essential parts of the break and separated them. This gives the user just a little more time to whip up something special. In addition, the K&S team also did some chopping of their own and giving the producers a couple of chopped variations to get creativity rolling. While some producers may dislike that some of the work is already done, others will embrace it and still make it their own. Let’s be real, we can all use a loop and be done with it, or we can take it, chop it, flip it, reverse it and that’s what makes them special.

            For those that don’t have access to record stores in their area to find those breaks, this kit will definitely fill that void. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 eating cat poop 16 eating a steak) this joint checks in at a solid 12 pads. Make sure you head over to KicksandSnares.com and check out the other kits and get yours!



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