Synthetic Artillery Maschine Expansion Review

Synthetic Artillery Maschine Expansion Review       

When you hear the word synthetic most people would associate it with something that is fake. When you hear the word artillery most would probably think cannons, gunfire, heavy and ect. Thanks to our friends at (@1goodknob), synthetic no longer shall be associated with fake. The sounds in this latest expansion are simply heavy hitting, standout synths that are pushing the envelope once again for sound designers everywhere. Containing over 500 multi-sampled instruments and 10 drumsynth kits to pack your Maschine (version 2.0 or better), this expansion will become a game changer for any and all that purchase it.

There are many great things to say about this expansion, from the attention to detail each sound is designed, to just the plethora of sounds to choose from. This expansion is packed with many leads, atmospheres, basses, guitars, horns, and keys just to name a few. The one section of this expansion that really shines are the leads. They are cutting edge and in your face. They each have characteristics about them that are truly unique to the sound designing styles of The Maschine Warehouse that we have come to love. Once again, there is no disappointment. Also, don’t sleep on the atmospheres. These are perfect for the composer doing film work or video game work. Not only are they extremely ambient, but they are the perfect bed for capturing a mood or a feeling (See Maschine Jungle). Lastly, the drumsynth kits demonstrate the amazing potential of the N.I. drumsynth.

Once again, has put out a product that not only sparks creativity, but challenges us to get out of our comfort zones. One will be hard pressed to not find a sound in this expansion that won’t make you want to immediately get to creating. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being at a BBQ without meat, 16 having 4 different meats including buffalo at your BBQ), this expansion clocks in at 14. Make sure you pick up yours today.


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