Supa Ugly vs Don P Beat Battle

Supa Ugly vs Don P Beat Battle

Sometimes when you become #1 you can almost expect a hungry individual to want to take your spot. Especially in the world of Hip Hop. The culture was built on competition so why would production be any different.

Last months champ Supa Ugly was challenged to a head to head battle by a talented MM producer Don P on instagram. He accepted and that is how this battle came to be. Without further ado here is the sample given to both to flip followed by their beat. Please leave your thoughts and they will be taken into consideration when judging. Let’s get ready to Rummmble!


D’Angelo – Higher (hard to believe its been almost 20yrs since release)


Don P (Challenger)


Supa Ugly (Champion)


Salute both of these guys for wanting to do this and follow them on instagram!



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