Sean Divine Presents: 336 Drum Kit Vol.2 Review

Sean Divine Presents: 336 Drum Kit Vol.2 Review

What up MM! Hope all is well as I’m here with another tight review. Sean Divine Presents: 336 Volume 2, the next installment in the most sought out series for drum sounds. Fresh off volume 1 that was voted as one of the Top Ten Drum Kits of 2013, the production world is now blessed again! Instantly this could be on the best drum kit list of 2014.

SD: 336V2 is overflowing close to 200 original hand-made sounds that feel so organic with no preservatives. New & fresh without any recycled material. All of the essentials you need with organized folders of booming kicks, mix piercing snares, inspiring loops , claps, percussion & fx blips. Available in 24-bit WAV along with Kontakt & Maschine formats. Also included are 10 bonus sub bass sounds.

It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to drum samples. Every sound is tailored to be its own individual. But also complements each other when composing a track. The kicks have an awesome amount of punch to leap forward in any mix. Layered by a sub sonic boom to grant the fullness.With additional distortion formatting, these kicks stand out among the drum kit world. Snares are also in their own universe sonically. All of them sit well in the frequency range to give any beat that head nodding whip cracking smack. Most of the snares are considered “wet” with reverb tails but still manage to have presence and not become muddy overall.

The loops included in this sound pack are some of my favorites. Mr Divine gets creative by drumming loops off a snowplow, shaking car keys, banging on bleachers capturing the real life ambience. Once you combine atmospheric drumming with a digital processing mind, the results are endless! All loops are BPM labeled to provide easy upload and organization. From all styles and tempos with hi hat, synths and full kit files ready to incorporate within your tracks.

If you’re looking for a great unique complete drum kit, this is the one everyone should have. Checkout the sound demo below and invest in one of the best so far in 2014!




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