Just Do It

Just Do It

Wassup to the MM community and beyond! I feel led to share with you guys a conversation that frustrated and inspired me at the same time. Weird right? The other day a producer buddy of mine asked me how much I would charge to lay down some live instruments for some of his beats. Right at that moment I instantly got frustrated because he’s been asking me this for over 2 years now!! My response was simply “you know the answer so why keep asking me” followed by a sigh (lol). The next thing he says to me is, man you know im trying.

I thought about that word trying like never before. Then all of a sudden I started asking him questions. Are you TRYING to make a mixtape? Are you TRYING to find rappers to be on your beats? Are you TRYING to build a fan base? You don’t have to try to breathe, you JUST DO IT. The reason why I love the NIKE brand is because of that very slogan. Anyway I got inspired because it made me think of the many times I’ve said that I would try to do something only to get disappointed because I didn’t follow through.

I’ve realized that just trying is another way of wasting time. You can talk a good game all you want but the end result is what matters. If you are just trying to do something you are actually spending valuable energy on activity rather than accomplishment. Our conversation fueled me into believing that it’s more important to actually achieve results than to talk about the effort of trying. Not trying to sound cliché but people will judge you by your actions and not your words of intention. Let’s do and not just try. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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