International Breaks 202 kit Review

International Breaks 202 kit review

(Singing), “It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t a left you, without a dope review to read through, read through (re-re re-re read through). It’s ya boy James Jaxin checkin in with a review from the widely popular International Breaks series (now available on 12″ Vinyl). In this review will be focusing on volume 2 of the series. For those of you unfamiliar, the breaks in the series are extremely rare gems collected from all over the world from countries like China, Brazil, India, Eastern, Western Europe, and many more.

The first thing I noticed when receiving this DL, is the amount of breaks that are in the kit. 101 gems in wav format ready to be loaded into our preferred samplers. You will be hard pressed not to find a loop in here to draw inspiration from. The next thing I noticed was the sound quality. These breaks are sampled right of the vinyl with all the dirt, grit and warmth you could desire. The loops in this kit range in tempo from very free and loose, all the way up to what feels to be cardiac arrest level. Lastly you can tell just by hearing some of these breaks, some were recorded in the 60s while others have a different flavor to them giving them a 70s or 80s feel.

For all my choppers and loopers out there, this is the kit for you! International Breaks 202 encourages us all to get the loops and breaks and go back to the basics to make that heat! I know I have been. Just this morning before writing this, I made a little ditty messing with the loops and chopping them up! On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 going to the club with $20, 16 slapping the DJ in the face forcing he or she to play your hot new single), International Breaks 202 comes in at a very nice 13. Don’t be scurred to get your fingers dirty and get to chopping and laying with this one! Preorder on 12″ Vinyl

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