Illmind – Special Edition Blap Kit: The Queens Set Review

Illmind – Special Edition Blap Kit: The Queens Set Review

What’s up world! D-nast here, bringing in the month of May with a hot new exclusive from super producer !llmind. “The Queens Set” is a collection of one-shot drum samples, plus a few fills and breaks, which were exclusively used in Mobb Deeps’ “The Infamous Mobb Deep”, as well as, various sessions with 50 Cent.

For those who are out of the loop, Queens, New York is considered the single most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. Queens is also well known for its gritty, hard-hitting street hop. With heavy hitters like those mentioned above, along with many other greats, the sound of Queens-area-hip-hop has an unmatched filth that sounds truly amazing; “The Queens Set” is a perfect collection, showcasing that very sound I’m talking about. So get those samplers ready and let’s see what !llmind has for us this time!

As we all know, !llmind is known for his well-rounded, hard-hitting kicks, and this section is where “The Queens Set” really shines. With almost 15 different options, each kick poses a “magic”, which adds the perfect “knock” to instantly set the scene for a “boom-bappers delight”. !llmind truly delivered on this kit! Not only does each sample get your speakers moving, but they also share the common “filthy” sound that Queens is known for, all while remaining unique and different. What more could you ask for?!

After being knocked in the head by a devastating kick, the listener is always in need of a fresh snare to snap their dome forward, completing the “head bob” motion; “The Queens Set” is equipped with the right tools to get the job done. One thing I noticed that most of these snare samples have in common is a flawless touch of reverb. One particular snare that really jumped out to me was from 50 Cents’ “All His Love”. This tight, stacked snare/clap sample is a deadly combo that really leaps out and grabs the listener, providing a great modern boom bap fusion sound.

All in all, I have to say, “The Queens Set” is a must-have for any die hard east coast producer. Being able to own the same drums used in songs with Queens borough legends is certainly a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy! With that being said, !lmind only planned to release 100 copies of “The Queens Set”. The timed release date has come and gone. But, lucky for you, the kit is now being sold over at “The Drum Broker”. So for the low price of $25.00, you get a second chance at obtaining the same weapons used in making legendary, gritty, street bangers. So head over to today before this one gets SOLD OUT…again!



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