Analog Bits Drum Kit Review

Analog Bits Drum Kit Review

There are 3 simple words in the English language that when placed in a sequential order, every hip-hop producer best know what we are speaking of. Those words are “Twelve Bit Grit.” In today’s digital world of 24-bit samples and recordings, one is hard pressed to find that “vintage” or “gritty” sound without digging in the crates. Our family over at (@drumbroker) has put together a kit just to fill that void. The Analog Bits Kit is comprised of 50 drum samples that have been resampled though 3 classic samplers (S950, S3000, and SP-1200) to give you that feel of the classics.

When opening the kit, the folders are somewhat neat. Inside the main folders you will find 3 folders with all the samples divided up into how they were sampled into said above samplers. I personally would have like to seen them sub-foldered into type (i.e. Kick, Snare, Hat, Perc….). But that’s just me being picky. The sample themselves are fantastic. Through each sampler you can clearly hear the characteristics that define them. Such as, the ring from the SP-1200 or the warmth of the Akai S3000. I can tell that time was taken to craft each of these samples to make them as authentic as possible. The kicks have a great punch to them, the snares are nice and snappy and the percussion has very nice tone. I did expect the few hats in this kit to sound a bit nicer, but that would be my one fault about the sounds.            

The Analog Bits Kit is right up the alley of any producer that is looking for that dirty, raw Mobb Deep type of sound. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being an African-American at a Donald Sterling dinner party, 16 being Michael Sam breaking boundaries and seeing your dreams become reality), Analog Bits comes in at a respectable 12. Head over to the Drum Broker and get yours today!


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