Special Limited Edition: Cocaine Synths Review

Special Limited Edition: Cocaine Synths Review

co·caine /kōˈkān,ˈkōˌkān/- when most first try this captivating white powder, a magic experience occurs. The users brain is sent into a euphoric overdrive, making them feel as if they were on top of the world, and prepared to conquer it. Now imagine as a producer, you could possess the power to give your audience the same high as a fat line of blow just by listening to your music.

What up world, D-Nast here with a white hot exclusive from super producer !llmind. Cocaine Synths is a collection of original compositions performed on famed analog synthesizers from the 70’s and 80’s (Arp Odyssey, Mini Moog etc.). Each sample includes all the stems used to create them, in a dry pre taped form, for the producer to flip to their liking. So grab your razor blade and hundred dollar bill, and let’s cut up a line of what !llmind is selling!

Once I loaded the kit up, the first thing I noticed was the amazing quality of each composition. In my opinion, each sample (just like some good cocaine) sounds as if it is worth hundreds of dollars, making this quite possibly the most valuable kit I have had my hands on so far this year! One particular piece that really stood out as an instant hit was named “Mother Earth”. This sample kicks off with an epic-filtered lead that instantly made me envision a “cigarette” speed boat loaded to the brim with kilos of coke, cruising up the Miami coast. The main lead in this sample is backed with a synth that reminds me of a nasty, distorted guitar that riffs up and down through the scales as the lead builds; it is, to put simply, “pure bliss” as far as samples go. Another sample from Cocaine Synths that blew my mind was titled “Bend The Spoon”. This group of synths is the epitome of 80’s synthesizer sound. With a combination of what sounds like 4 different synths, this beautiful harmony quickly draws the listener in and keeps them wanting more, just like a certain white powder! Well played !llmind, well played.

As if this kilo of melodic riffs wasn’t enough, !llmind has included a bonus set of seven Cocaine Snares. Each snare included with this bonus is equivalent to a sharp, crisp, razor blade, that would be used to chop up the beautiful lines of Cocaine Synths! This bonus included may also be some insight to some future “dope” that !llmind may be peddling, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for whats next.

The most amazing part of every composition from Cocaine Synths is how “ready to cookup” they are. Simply by looping or chopping these samples, a producer provides themselves with a sturdy foundation to produce pure dope. This kit is truly an unbeatable deal for the low price of $25.00. Given the outstanding quality and pure epicness of this collection, !llmind is only releasing 100 copies of Cocaine Synths to the public on 4/15/14 at 11:59 PM EST..But As we all know, cocaine doesn’t stick around for long, especially when it’s some “un-stepped on Fuego”. So head over to !llminds cyber street corner (Blapkits.com) to cop a dose of this uncut product as soon as it drops! And remember, just like Rick James famously quoted, “Cocaine is one hell of a drug”.



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