S1 – The Fire And Ice Combo Collection Review

S1 – The Fire And Ice Combo Collection Review

What’s going on my MM familyMaschine Gang General E52BEATS! here with the quick look at our homie, the Grammy Award winning producer Symbolic One, with his new kit Fire and Ice. S1 has brought us a number of classic production for the past 10 years and now with two production kits under his belt he’s manage to provide us with some of his classic sounds used in his production.

Fire and Ice ups the ante this time around. This kit is broken up into two folders. The 1st is Fire which contains 4 folders… kicks (20),snares (22),hats (20) and loops/break (20) totaling 82 sounds. I think Combustion is one of the kicks that makes you realize S1 is on top of his game. The Compound snare is definitely going into my GOTO program and will be updating one of my more dated sounds that I’ve used a couple hundred times LOL. The loops and break folder are loaded with a treasure trove of Gems that I’m sure you’ll be pleased without a doubt.

Now, the Ice folder is a collection of keys played by S1. It contains lush chords, melodic tones, heavy synth riffs and ambient melodies. These samples can be looped, chopped and flipped to come up with entirely new production in any genre. This folder alone is well worth having in your production arsenal.

Ok, now that I’ve given you the quick rundown of this new kit make sure you head over to The Drum Broker and cop that Fire and Ice Combo Collection, also there will be a Fire and Ice contest coming soon where the 1st place winner will be flown out to collaborate with S1 in the studio, but you must purchase the kit to be eligible, so make sure you hurry and grab this kit! So until next time it’s E52 saying stay tuned and stay Bangin’… Peace!




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