Native Instruments introduces RISE & HIT

Native Instruments introduces RISE & HIT 

Berlin, April 16, 2014 – Native Instruments today released RISE & HIT – 
the first instrument dedicated to creating thrilling tension and 
suspense with build-ups and climactic hits. RISE & HIT uses an extensive 
range of over 8 GB of exclusively recorded and studio-produced sounds. 
An easy-to-use interface offers detailed editing with integrated effects 
and mastering tools for endless sound design capabilities. RISE & HIT 
runs in KONTAKT 5 or the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.

Central to RISE & HIT is its extensive sample library of 
expertly–produced sounds. From a full orchestra and heavily processed 
field recordings, to other-worldly synthesized and hybrid sounds, the 
library offers an incredible range of sonic material found nowhere else. 
Over 4000 samples are used in 700 single-layer and 250 multi-layer 
pre-designed sounds for creating hair-raising build-ups consisting of a 
swelling “riser” and a shorter, climactic “hit”. Each sound comes in 
four separate lengths to drastically alter the rise length, plus a 
transient “whoosh” hit option easily match any score without losing 
sound quality along the way. Up to four sounds can be layered at a time 
to create highly complex textures.

RISE & HIT offers sound designers a comprehensive toolkit with an 
intuitive interface for quick workflow and results. All features are 
easily accessible through tabbed panels and can be customized within the 
instrument, saving time and sparking inspiration at every step of the 
creative process. Readily available are a wide selection of effects to 
add character and radically alter sounds. Reverb and delay add sonic 
depth, while 26 custom filters allow quick frequency design for when 
inspiration strikes. 29 spatial, dynamic, and distortion effects, offer 
advanced control of sound stage, size, and texture.

For further customization, RISE & HIT boasts an integrated modulation 
engine designed to fully automate layer parameters. Though preset 
modulation curves are available, parameters can be adjusted using 
envelopes, for pinpoint accuracy and vigorous results. Once a build-up 
is ready to be finalized, a suite of additional mastering effects such 
as compression, saturation, and equalization can be applied to fine-tune 
the sound.

Key to the conception and production of RISE & HIT was sound master Uli 
Baronowsky of Galaxy Instruments. Already a trusted NI partner, Uli now 
brings his proven mastery of high quality sampling and sound 
reinforcement to the immense sonic variety found in RISE & HIT.

RISE AND HIT is available now at the NI Online Shop for $149 / 149 € / 
£129 / ¥ 17,800. It runs in KONTAKT 5 and the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.

Additional information on RISE & HIT is available at:

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