MSXII’s Beat Box Kit Review

MSXII’s Beat Box Kit Review

What upper MM alum? “Tis I” BeatzGalore with a review for another amazing product from the “Dynamic Duo” MSXII. This one’s called The Beat Box Kit. For those of you who have been living on the musical equivalent of a desert island; Beat Boxing is the art of making vocal percussion sounds while simultaneously keeping a rhythm. It was made popular by the likes of Buffy aka “The Human Beatbox” from The Fat boys, Biz Markie, Doug E. Fresh, and more recently Timbaland. It’s almost considered a “lost art”.

Thankfully the team at MSXII has put a “battery in the back” of said art form, and revived it in the form of the Beat Box Kit. This is a collection of 40 original “beat boxed” breakbeats in 16bit WAV format so they can be used in virtually any DAW or Hardware sampler that support that file extension. They were recorded using a Neumann TLM-102 which is one of the best vocal mic’s available today. If that wasn’t enough; they also added an ever so small amount of coloration and saturation to optimize mixing.

There is a staggering amount of applications for this sort of kit in all musical genres, I only experimented with hip-hop for the purpose of this review but I came away with some “Gems” in the process. I even replayed some of the beatbox patterns over again with real drums because they were just “too dope” to pass up! They had a ton of breaks in a wide range of bpm; but if your like me I just started “chopping” the breaks so I could “control” the tempo. I love how MSXII takes the time to organize the products so my “workflow” was never impeded; and they never take shortcuts if it’s gonna sacrifice quality which is quickly becoming synonymous with the MSXII name.

I definitely would suggest you guys give this kit a try if you’re looking for atypical drums to “spice” up your production love life; on a budget. Wanna see for yourself? 


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