International Breaks 404 Review

International Breaks 404 Review

What’s up MM Family! D-Nast here, bringing you my thoughts and feelings on a hot new kit from our friends at The Drum Broker. “International Breaks 404” is a collection of break-beats, assembled by the diggers over at The Drum Broker to provide users with rare drum sounds from all around the world, without ever having to leave your desk (that’s right; these are not your everyday breaks)! So let’s fire up the sampler, and see what The Drum Broker has in store for us with this brand new installment.

Once loaded up, I didn’t even know where to begin! With each break consisting of unique and dusty samples (which pose the essence of a vinyl recording) the possibilities with the “International Breaks 404” kit are truly endless. After chopping only three breaks, I had almost an entire kit’s worth of drum samples! Not only is each break loaded with samples, but they also sound great too! With 101 samples in total to choose from, one particular break that really jumped out to me as a winner was named “Shuffle”. This funky break contains a shaker and snare combo, which reminds me of the intro to Wiz Khalifa’s “Young, Wild, and Free”. Another break-beat that really shined to me was named “Soul-Beat”. This soulful break was tons of fun to chop-up; with a quick, hard-hitting kick, and a nice, tight snare (as well as some vocals), this break can be flipped into all kinds of crazy combos!

Overall, I was truly amazed by this kit! Loaded with over one-hundred rare, superb quality breaks, “International Breaks 404” is a boom bapper’s dream. The Drum Broker certainly has provided the final nail for the coffin when it comes to killing a sample, so don’t sleep on this one! Head over to  and pick up “International Breaks 404”; your sampler will love you for it!



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