Havoc Infamous Producers Kit Vol.3 Review

Havoc Infamous Producers Kit Vol.3 Review

What’s up my MM fam… E52BEATS! here with the new one from our Infamous homie Havoc of Mobb Deep. This is the 3rd installment from his Infamous Producers Kit series and with all the classic that Hav has produced I can say this series is going to be around for a long time. Volume 3 brings us kits from classic such as Click Click, Get Down (feat. Snoop), Walk with Me and Untitled (Eminem) along with a few others of Havoc produced hits. It’s no mistake that Havoc has been involved in the production of so many hits! He has a keen ear when it comes to finding the perfect drums for the right sample and now we get to take advantage of this knowledge.

The Untitled drums had me open from the 1st kick to the last clap. I could only imagine how those drums were sounding to Eminem and Dr.Dre when they 1st heard it, it’s easy to see why they snatched this track up for Em’s Recovery Lp. Cobra was one of my favorite joints from the Mobb cuz of that knock sound it had and true to form it’s in there and it sounds as good as it did the first time I heard Funk Master Flex blast it off in the club in New York City. The Get Down drums go HARD!!! I only wish HAV would have threw in that organ sound, but non the less these drums BANG!!! *spoiler alert* your gonna have to make the snare roll yourself LOL. So What is filled with every sound including the sample that Havoc use to craft this Mobb Banger so if this was one of you favorite tracks you now have every sound that went into making this beat.

The Infamous Producers Kit also has dozens of new samples ranging from kicks, snares, hi hats, loops, subs, and a ton of other sounds to add to your on growing arsenal so be sure to grab this ASAP! Until next time it’s your boy E52 saying stay tuned and stay Bangin’… Peace!





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