Erik Jackson Presents – The Essential 808 Review

Erik Jackson Presents – The Essential 808 Review

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer; the quintessential drum machine of the early 1980’s that put a stamp in hip hop production. With these sounds we all assume to know what to expect. But sound designer/producer Erik Jackson samples his own drum machine with an addition of masterly tweaking to present: The Essential 808 Drum Kit. The Essential 808 is well stocked with over 1 and a half Gbs of wav files in 16bit/44khz & 24bit/48khz folders. Everything from classic claps, kicks and snares, to the iconic hats, cowbells and toms: Each group is uncommonly tuned and processed into a step ladder of parameters.

The 1st used in the chain is one of the cleanest vacuum tube pre amps, the Avalon 737sp. EJ constructs each sample with a full spectrum of different attacks, ratios, and other settings. This delivers a range of intensity to choose the right sound for the character of the track. Unlike other kits on the market, TE808 is not smushed at full level and allows the sound to breathe.

As we begin this journey of developing our craft and learning musical scales, a neglected step is often missed by new producers/beat makers; tuning drums sounds to the key of the song. A small adjustment like that can make a distinct uniformity on the overall track. Sound designing at its best right here. Proper labeling as well as pitch shifting without sacrificing attack and sample length, TE808 has all the work ready and loaded with ease.

Exclusively listed at The Drum Broker for $24.99, this kit is a need for those who look forward to having vintage gear sounds with a modernistic technique of engineering and sound shaping. Check the demo and get the essentials for your collection of sounds!




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