Drum Broker Essential Kicks Review

Drum Broker Essential Kicks Review

Every-so-often we as producers find ourselves at the inevitable crossroads of that fire sample chopped up and looping. It’s got 4 or 5 different switch ups for versatility, and you’ve added that bass line to fatten the sample up. Even have a snare snappin on the 2 and the 4, along with your neck. But as you go through your countless gigs (in my case upon GIGS) of kick drum samples, nothing seems to fit. Introducing the Essential Kicks, the first in a series of essential drums brought to you by none other than the Drum Broker (@drumbroker).

Packed inside this kit are 30 kicks that can easily be inserted into many different styles of music included hip-hop, pop, and dance. Some have the muddy vinyl sound and some slight crackle, while others have clearly a TR-808 analog kick type feel. While most of these kicks are relatively dry, we do find a few that have a slight tail of reverb, and a few that have a small layer over the top (Edgar for example). It is safe to say that these kicks don’t lack any punch at all, whereas upon previewing them I nearly blew my right ear drum out.      

After all is said and done, the Essential Kicks library is…. well essential. It’s the perfect go to when you are overwhelmed by (insert your favorite producer here) drums kits to choose from. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being pooped on by an overhead seagull, 16 having a wise cracking parrot on your shoulder at all times), this comes in at a solid 10. Priced CHEAP, so hit up the Drum Broker and get your download ASAP.


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