Analog Soul Kit Review

Analog Soul Kit Review

What’s up, MM Heads! This is BROADWAY here to review the new kit coming to you from Erik Jackson and the Drum Broker, “ANALOG SOUL”.

In today’s game of music production, the name of the game is texture. How much texture does a record have, or more specifically for us producers, how much texture does a SOUND have. The bar has been raised higher and higher as both technology and the level of production evolves, so when looking for a drum kit now-a-days, the thing that I’m keying in on is the texture and quality of the sounds. That can depend on many different aspects in a kit – how the drums were recorded, what mics were used, was it to tape, and very importantly today, how were they processed, what was the signal chain. Because at the end of the day, this is all going to make up what that overall texture of the sound is.

The Analog Soul kit has done a really sweet job of giving us single-hit drum sounds that not only hold up to today’s bar, but in many cases surpass it. The snares have a crack and grit to them, and the kicks have a “ready to drop in the mix” thump. But what stood out here texture-wise for me, was both the “FOLEY” folder and the “LIVE KIT” folder.

The “Live Kit” for obvious reasons, has an authentic feel to the sounds. Absolutely great for when you are going for that type of sound. You will love the snares in particular. The mics captured the great stuff, such as the ping off of the snare head that gives off a great release.

The “FOLEY” folder is the golden ticket of this kit in my opinion, though. The term Foley represents a technique of layering real live sounds with synthesized drum parts. So, now we come full circle back to TEXTURE. When you take interesting sounds from the real world and intertwine those with great sounding drums, great texture surprisingly is a no-brainer byproduct of that union. The Foley sounds are SUPER interesting and diverse. They are unique sounds that will give your beats a unique feeling and sound. My one critique is that I wish that they would go even a little more EXTREME with making the foley sounds really bizarre, on the borderline between dope and weird. I think music can use a little “pushing the envelope” when it comes to sounds sometimes.

All in all, I dig this kit. Pick it up. The ANALOG SOUL Kit is a great addition to your drum library.



Until next time, guys…100!


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