The Lifted Collection Review

The Lifted Collection Review

What’s the haps MM family? It’s ya boy James Jaxin here poppin in with a quick review of the latest kit from Lifted. Lifted is the mastermind producer behind the summer of 2012’s hit Mercy” by Kanye West (now known as Kimye). Inside this kit you will find 100 sounds that are straight from Lifted’s stash. This kit checks in with 23 kicks and 808s, 25 snares, 11 claps, and many more stabs and percussion sounds.

When I was going through these sounds I noticed a lot of good and a lot of so so. So let’s start with the good.  The clap selection was top notch. They really are extremely clear and crispy. They will really cut through your mix in a hurry. The same for the hi hat section as well. The hats are clean and clear. Not like some hats you get in some of these drum kits where it’s like a half cut static sample with everything above 1K is removed. The kicks in this kit are debatable also. While some are very punchy and have great presence, others lack that “thud” or that “knock” that we look for in kicks. Some of these will need some serious layering.

Now, let’s move on to the so so. First off, the 2 loops included with this collection should have not been. They are extremely distorted sounding and honestly are more noise that musical goodness. Next section is the snares. How many different 808 variations do we need? Of the 25 snares included in this kit, I counted an obvious 11 that were slight (if any) tweaked stock 808 from any other kit or software that we all get. The remaining snares (minus SNR_RIM) felt very dead in water, not very useable by themself, but with layers could be powerful.

All in all, this kit from Lifted is a head scratcher. While the things that it did well are worth the buy, I can relate to those that don’t want to buy and only use half of the sounds. I know I’ll find ways to make the great samples and so so samples work in harmony in my productions. On a scale of 1-16 pads (1 being a bird pooping on your whip after a fresh wash, and 16 riding 2 miles an hour so everybody sees you), the Lifted Collection checks in at a 7. Head over to our good friends at iStandard (@iStandard) and grab this kit along with many others!


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