Quick Formulas to find the Major and Minor scales of any key!

Quick Formulas to find the Major and Minor scales of any key!

What’s up MM?! Here is a quick Music Theory tip for you. One of the fundamentals for creating any piece of music is having a root key and knowing one of the scales of the key. The most common scales for any key are major and minor. Now that we are aware of these basic points let’s look at the formulas, what they mean, and some examples.

  • Major Scale – 2212221
  • Minor Scale – 2122122

The numbers above represent the number of semitones (physical keys on your keyboard) until the next note in the scale.

Using the Major Scale formula, let’s find the notes in C Major.

Keyboard Description1


Start with the root note of C and count the keys using the formula and the diagram above. The notes in the scale of C major are thus: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C!

Using the Minor Scale formula, look at the picture below and figure out what the notes in A Minor are.

Keyboard Description2

The notes in A Minor are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A.

Remember (Minor Scale – 2122122)

You can use these formulas to find the Major or Minor scales for any key that you choose. Memorize the formulas and practice, practice, practice.

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