Native Instruments introduces MOLEKULAR

Native Instruments introduces MOLEKULAR 

Berlin, March 25, 2014 – Native Instruments today released MOLEKULAR, a
modular multi-effects system for the flagship synthesis studio REAKTOR 5
or the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER. MOLEKULAR features 35 exclusive creative
effects for advanced, creative sound manipulation. MOLEKULAR’s modular
design allows for an unprecedented level of routing freedom and its
Morphing Field provides inspiring performance possibilities for
producers. MOLEKULAR is available now at the NI Online Shop for $149 /
149 € / £129 / ¥ 14,800 and runs in REAKTOR 5 and in the free REAKTOR 5

MOLEKULAR features slots for up to four effect modules and
near-limitless routing options for unique effect arrangements. Modules
include a pitch and resonator section for transforming percussive sounds
into melodic arpeggios. Delay, stutter, and glitch modules allow users
to create new rhythmic structures or turn any incoming signal into
washed-out soundscapes. Eight modulation effects offer incredible sonic
versatility for augmenting tone – from classic modulation effects like
flanger and chorus to yet-unheard effects such as a purposefully broken
pitch shifter to create unusual new textures. Six dynamic and distortion
effects include a 16-stage wave folder and a DSP that tracks a signal’s
pitch to control a variable waveform oscillator. MOLEKULAR also comes
with essential ‘bread and butter’ effects for additional sonic
adjustments and finetuning.

MOLEKULAR features 16 modulation sources, which can be routed to any
parameter within the effects system. Modulators include four
customizable LFOs and four step sequencers for emphasizing any part of
the meter with rhythms from simple eighth notes to odd metric
subdivisions. What’s more, MOLEKULAR includes analog modular-inspired
trigger sequencers – each with a dedicated envelope and an envelope
follower to set accents or add bursts of effects to any production. A
logic module adds an irregular, organic feel to the structure of sound
sources with any degree of precision or chaos. Frequency-based
parameters can be quantized to custom scales and it’s even possible to
route one modulator into another producing unusual, constantly evolving
modulation structures.

By using the Morphing Field, it is possible to drastically twist the
results via the interactive display. Producers can assign a starting
point, define four master mutations and easily morph between them in
real time – a new and near-limitless approach to performing with
effects. The morpher can also be controlled by any of the modulation
sources. Though highly advanced technology works under the hood,
MOLEKULAR is straightforward to use, and also comes with a multitude of
presets of highly inventive effects ready to use as creative starting

MOLEKULAR is available now at the NI Online Shop for $149 / 149 € / £129
/ ¥ 14,800 and runs in REAKTOR 5 and in the free REAKTOR 5

Additional information on MOLEKULAR is available at:

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