MSXII Synth Immaculate 2 Review

MSXII Synth Immaculate 2 Review

What’s up my MM Fam, the Maschine Gang General E52 BEATS here with another review. MSXII AUDIO releases The Synth Immaculate 2 kit. A trip back into the world of Analog is what this kit is about with an added digital bonus too. If your a fan of any of the music from the 60’s 70’s and early 80’s then this is a kit you might want to invest in. Analog keyboards made all of the best music we love and try to recreate still to this day and this kit is full of some of those sort after sounds from synths like the Prophet T8, Prophet VS, Oberheim OB-1 and more. And to sweeten the deal MSXII has also given us sounds from the Access Virus and E-MU Mo-Phatt. The Mo-Phatt is still one of my go to racks, in fact, it’s the only sound module that I still keep in my rack. I did a A-B comparison of the MSXII kit and my real E-MU and all the sounds were spot on. The only real difference between the two were that SI2 had some added processing like a little delay and reverb or both.


Synth Immaculate 2 gives you plenty to work with in these 7 folders and is ready to be loaded into any DAW or Hardware sampler that you’re working with. MXSII provides a scale of each sample so that making key groups are a simple task. This kit will have you reliving the Analog Era and giving you a little more depth in your productions when you incorporate these kits from MSXII. Available now just click the link below. Until next time it’s your boy saying stay tuned and stay BANGIN’. Peace




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  1. scorpio16 says:

    If anyone is in doubt Synth Immaculate 1 & 2 are definitely worth having. I’ll admit even though the demos were nice I was doubtful, how many times have you listen to a hot demo track but then the product fell short of expectations? What helped with the sale was their MSXII’s tutorial video, that’s when the possibilities opened up, especially if you’re a Reason+Maschine owner. Once you bring a file into a sampler (eg. Maschine, NN-XT, etc.) locate, chop then spread across your pads/keys then just get to work. Think of it this way 1 file has the potential to be multiplied by the amount of chops/transients within it, you can do the math on that. So check their video and get inspired. – peace

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