MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review

MSXII Sound’s Mutha-Plucka Review

What up MM community? Tru aka BeatzGalore here with a review for a new sound library. This one’s for the MSXII Sounds Mutha-Plucka. If you don’t know much about MSXII Sound they are an extremely talented duo of music producers turned sound designers. They haven’t been in the sound design market for long and have already formed a partnership with The Drum Broker where they have started making serious “waves” in the digital music pool. I have been extremely impressed by the sound quality and attention to detail given to each product they produce. These guys are the real deal!

Mutha-Plucka is no exception, this is indeed a bad Mutha (shut yo mouth). This sound pack is a collection of electric bass like you’ve never heard. These are all original samples taken directly from some of MSXII’s sessions (how nice of them). The purpose was to give beat makers and producers a “leg up” in their music production, by giving us access to authentic bass sounds recorded on some of the best equipment available, from SSL boards to Apogee converters and 2″ tape MSXII has truly raised the bar for sound designers. They’ve given us the “kitchen sink” with Mutha-Plucka I’m talking slides, glides, plucks, slaps, sustains and more; all in each key (E-D). There are a bunch of different playing styles included as well; from warm and brooding to bright and crisp. This sound pack is a welcome addition to my arsenal. My production thanks you MSXII.

I had no problem loading the samples from the Mutha-Plucka library into my DAW as they have all been sampled as high quality WAV’s. I made a few tracks using the Mutha-Plucka sound library and I was very pleased at how “natural” the bass sounded on my tracks. Being the son of a professional bassist I am always a little reluctant to “buy into” the “hype” of company claims when it comes to the authenticity of their bass sounds. Usually if they can live up to said hype, your wallet cannot; leaving you stuck with “whatcha got”. This is not the case with MSXII’s Mutha-Plucka, with it’s “modest” sticker price of $14.99 usd this is a production tool that is extremely affordable and worth it’s weight in gold! Wanna see for yourself?


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