MSXII Rhodes and Vibes Kit Review

MSXII Rhodes and Vibes Kit Review

Hey there ladies and gents! D-nast here, with Maschine Masters, keeping my fellow producers up-to-date with the hottest and most sought after drum kits. Today’s heater is “The Rhodes and Vibes Kit”, delivered by the genius guys over at MSXII Sound Design. For those who don’t know, MSXII Sound Design [@mrreasontowork and @porkpieplayer] are the same producers behind many dope kits, such as “Bars, Keys, and Anomalies” and “The Synth Immaculate”.

The idea behind these kits is to provide the producer with a group of original compositions, performed with a specific group of instruments, as well as, the individual stems used to make the productions. The weapons of choice on “The Rhodes and Vibe Kit” are the ‘Fender Rhodes 73’ and the ‘Deagan Model 510 Vibraharp’. With these two instruments combined and processed, though a series of professional gear, the possibilities are truly endless! So let’s load this kit up, and see what MSXII has in-store for us!

The first thing I notice (as always) is MSXII’s delivery of an extremely organized drum kit. Upon opening “The Rhodes and Vibe Kit”, instead of looking at a scattered mess of samples all packed into one folder, you’re presented with a group of folders, labeled with the compositions’ tempo. This is an extremely amazing feature, because, not only are you immediately aware of the b.p.m. when browsing for something, but also, (as a producer working with constant time constraints) there is no time lost digging and sorting through files. So, for any beat-smith thinking about conceiving a drum kit of their own, take notes; MSXII knows how to do things right.

After admiring MSXII’s organizational skills, I decided to finally check out how these compositions sound! The first recording that really caught my ear was named “Window Pain”. This sample instantly had me envisioning a skilled backpacker, such as J Cole, spitting a tale of an unfortunate female in her day-to-day life struggle. This sample also showcases how powerful the two instruments mentioned above really are when combined! Another sample that genuinely jumped out to me was named “Boulivard”; this recording kicks off with a harp glissando, that is backed with a set of deep rhodes, reminding me of a perfect Dr. Dre sample.

After listening and playing around with the remainder of “The Rhodes and Vibe Kit”, I was blown away! Each composition included in the kit has an extreme amount of potential! With 73 original, royalty-free scores, this kit is a very powerful tool for any type of producer. Without a single dull-sounding sample, MSXII has provided us with another must-buy kit. So, if you find yourself in the need of professionally recorded, royalty-free, catchy medleys, look no further. Do yourself a favor today by heading to The Drum Broker, and picking up “The Rhodes and Vibes Kit”; trust me, you won’t regret it!



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