Mixing in the Box

Mixing in the Box

Mixing in the box. This has been a topic in my circle (Mashine Gang) and amongst many producers for some time now. Some of us don’t’ like it and some of us do. I used to be on the side of those that didn’t like it. I was so used to moving all around the studio to complete a song… you know, Rock on the MPC/Maschine then grab some Eq’s, compressors, gates etc, then go to tape, (later tape became Pro Tools). When I started using Pro Tools I didn’t like it. I didn’t like doing everything in one place (in the box). It wasn’t until I went to Pro Tools school for my certification that I changed my way of thinking. My instructors used to bring in guest producers and engineers to give lectures and the day I meet Charles Dye was the day my life changed.

In 1999, Charles Dye was the first engineer/mixer to create an entire recording in a hard disk system via his work on Ricky Martin’s #1 pop hit “Livin’ La Vida Loca” – which changed the course of how mainstream pop music was produced, engineered, and mixed. That was the first Grammy winning mix done entirely in Pro Tools.

Pro tools

I think it was just a matter of having that example and getting comfortable with my skill and knowledge. Now as far as sonics go, nothing could compare to Analog, but in the digital realm I can produced and mix virtually anywhere my laptop can go. Also it’s cheaper. It would cost you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to have a fully blown analog studio now you have a million dollar studio right in your laptop. So my question to you is, do you like to mix in the box or not. Please leave your thoughts below. Peace


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2 thoughts on “Mixing in the Box

  1. Bunker Beats says:

    I like to mix and master in the box, it’s the cheapest and easiest way for me to complete tracks. Plus like you said portability comes in to play to, you can’t bring all that out board with you so plug ins are perfect. If I wanted to make a project using analogue gear then I’d probably stay static until the project was finished. Nice topic.

    Woods (Bunker Beats)

  2. C-Dubble says:

    I like mixing ITB, I love analog mixing (OTB), however I believe with enough computer power and skill we can achieve a mix just as good as an analog mix. Tape simulation, tube simulation and a bunch of specialty plug ins are available. some very impressive. all it takes is talent, time and effort.

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