Minty Breaks Bad Friend Breaks Vol. 2 Review

Minty Breaks Bad Friend Breaks Vol. 2 Review

What uppers? Tru aka BeatzGalore here to tell you guys about Minty Breaks’ second installment of the the Bad Friend Breaks series. Minty Breaks is the crate digger behind the Minty Drums and Breaks series (which I highly recommend). Now we have the Bad Friend Breaks series and I just have to say; first off, I think the title of this series is a little misleading, because only a “good friend” would put so much time and effort into chopping the “staggering” 200 breaks it took to create Minty Breaks Bad Friend Breaks Vol. 2.

Oh yeah that’s not a misprint 200 breaks! This collection right here is “mind blowing”. It was pretty overwhelming at first but I “conquered” this “beast” and walked away relatively unscathed. If you’re into drum sound design and chopping loops the Minty Breaks Bad Friend Breaks Vol.2 is “right up your alley”.

However, for the inexperienced user just starting to make tracks I think the inclusion of the BPM for each loop would help “workflow” issues associated with trying to find the right tempo. Other than that this indeed is a collection of breakbeats that I would say you must have for two reasons; the value of 200 breakbeats for $24.99 and the sound is amazing; they are all sampled at a great quality so you can easily “tweak” them to your liking with a little compression and EQ. Wanna see for yourself?


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