Jake One’s Snare Jordan 2 Review

Jake One’s Snare Jordan 2 Review

Whats’s up my MM fam, it’s the Maschine Gang General E52BEATS back with another one. SNARE JORDAN 2 is the topic at hand this time around. Jake One got busy and dug deep for the second installment of his Snare Jordan line. SJ2 is 115 NEW drum samples that GO HARD! I’m a very organized person so I took the time to make folders for all the sounds so I can know where everything is when it’s time to look. I ended up making 8 folders…

  • Loops- 20
  • Hi Hats- 21
  • Snares- 31
  • Kicks- 23 (Jordan)
  • Claps- 3
  • Breaks- 8
  • Toms- 4
  • EFX- 4

The snares folder is BANANAS!!!.If your like me you’ll appreciate all 31 snares. You can feel the presence of Jake’s ASR-10 in all these drums. I’m glad Jake choose to give us the substance instead of a lot of fluff. Jake included his drums from some of the hits he’s produced such as Furthest Thing (Drake) The Grinder (Wiz Khalifa) She Makes Me Feel Alright (Freeway) and 3 Wishes (J Cole).

Make sure you PRE-ORDER now so you can be amongst the first to get rockin’ with SNARE JORDAN 2! Check the making of Drake’s Furthest Thing below. So until next time stay tuned and STAY BANGIN’…. Peace




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