Istandard DJ Pain 1 Collection Review

Istandard DJ Pain 1 Collection Review

What’s up guys and gals! D-nast here, with my thoughts and feelings on a super-dope kit coming from the killer combo of Istandard ( and DJ Pain 1 ( The DJ Pain 1 Collection is a kit filled with a stash of DJ Pain 1’s personal drum samples and loops that have worked their way onto tracks such as, Young Jeezy’s “Don’t Do It”, and 50 Cent’s “Can I Speak To You”. With a multitude of A-list production credits, including a personal favorite of mine (The Game’s “Last Supper”), DJ Pain 1 is renowned for producing hard-hitting tracks. With that being said, it is a true privilege to hold a collection of his own personal samples to incorporate with my own productions. Now that we’ve got some background, let’s load this kit up and see what’s in store!

As always, when I get a dope new drum kit, I like to browse the selection of kicks to find the gems that are certain to hit the listener right in their chest; without a doubt, this kit definitely delivers! My personal favorite kick is “Kick 7”. This “beast” sample is layered with a gun shot, then drowned with a dark reverb, giving it an eerie feel that is sure to jump out on any track. One other kick that really jumped out to me was “Kick 17”. This thumping, “live- sounding” kick is layered with a tambourine, resembling, to me, the kick used in Clipse’s “Grinding”. Although these two kicks really shined in my eyes, the rest of them are not to be sold short. With 26 options in all, these bad boys are certain to be a “go-to” selection for any producer.

Next, I decided to browse the selection of snares, to get the listeners’ heads snapping back after being blown in the chest with one of the amazing kicks; once again, The DJ Pain 1 Collection delivers. Offering an amazing, high-quality, diverse selection, that range from some dusty boom-bappers, to some tight, crispy trap snares; this kit has ’em all! A personal favorite of mine was the snare used in Young Jeezy’s “Don’t Do It”. This beat was always a favorite of mine, and given the chance to recreate it with the same drums used in the song itself is pretty cool! Another snare that really stood out to me was “Snare 12”. This particular snare is layered with a closed high hat, and would be perfect for a nice sample based production!

After playing with the rest of the kit, I must say, I was truly floored! With an epic selection of loops and leads, as well as, crashes, fills and breaks, this kit contains almost everything needed to produce a billboard hit. As always, the dope team at Istandard has joined forces with a heavy-hitting producer to supply you with the ACTUAL drums they used to make their hits. Each sample included is personally molded by DJ Pain 1 himself, for a perfect sound that is guaranteed to give you the edge over any competion. For the low price of only $29.99, it almost comes as no-branier to head over to and pick The DJ Pain 1 Collection today! So, what are you waiting for? Get those debit cards ready, head over to Istandard’s website, and pick it up asap!



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