Echo Sound Works: BOOM! Drums Review

Echo Sound Works: BOOM! Drums Review

Whats good MM family. I’m back with a review of some dope banging drums to work with. Echo Sound Works presents: BOOM! DRUMS; filled with over 300 drum sounds ranging from drums, snares, percussion, and claps. With the characteristics right in the name, BOOM! Drums  are heavy hitters to make powerful tracks.

Kicks are very pleasing to the ear. With great body and thump, these kicks really fill the pocket. Applied presence, these kicks would benefit from huge dance tracks and Westcoast blaps. With a blend of analog distortion, will cut through any mix without losing hard hitting qualities.

Packaged up the snares and claps, ESW gives us variety with big/short snares and Big/Small claps. The big snares are full with body to really complement the huge kicks. More of a clean sound layered with different elements. Short snares are going to be your tight high attack joints with no tail on the ends. Example would be your traditional 808 snares. Claps are a plus in this kit with huge sounding multi layered. Majority of the claps have a dry signal which benefits the producer so we can add more reverb to give a big stadium effect if we choose.

Hi Hats and Percussion offers a great gritty and clang to them. With options of closed/open hats, you will definitely get the basic essentials needed for all productions. My only gripe is there are no crashes included in this kit.

With a large batch of files in 24bit WAV format, Echo Sound Works also supplies these kits into Maschine format. Following the procedure of Native Intruments Exspansion layouts, Boom! Drums are ready be loaded for fast workflow. Currently on sale listed at $20, this is something you can’t pass on. A large batch of quality sounds at a great price!



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