Beats with Hooks anyone?

Beats with Hooks anyone?

Whats up MM! AG with another quick post for you guys. How many of you add hooks to your beats for the artist? I believe this is a missing element with us as hip hop music producers. Lets face it, the hook is the most important part of the song, it tells the listener what its all about. So as the creator of the composition, why would the producer not have a part in it.

Just imagine if you showed up to work and someone had already prepared everything you needed to do your job efficiently. Would you prefer working there? How about at a company that every time you clock in you know its gonna be some BS. Somebody has misplaced your tools, you have to sit and think of a workaround to solve a problem etc.. Well thats the same thing for a recording artist. Having a beat with a ready made hook allows them to just connect the dots.

I believe this works out best for both artist and producer. Not only will the track sell quicker and for more money usually, but it also retains the vision you had when you first created it. Which to me is worth more. Its difficult to hear your track turn out totally different from what you originally envisioned (especially if its worse). This is one way you can have a hand in on the production without actually being present in the studio

Its a Win Win Win situation. You will be relieved that the song is headed in the right direction. The artist will be grateful that its one less thing they have to worry about. Most of all the fans will be super pleased that its actually some good quality music being released! You know MM is all about implementing ideas to help us grow as producers, so we decided to base this months Beat Battle around this topic. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts below. Until next time catch me everywhere @AGGOTBEATS

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2 thoughts on “Beats with Hooks anyone?

  1. diDprojects says:

    My hook.. You can’t handle the truth!
    This track could have most of the movie sample removed if required and just have the “You can’t handle the truth” hook left in place.
    I feel it gives a direction for any rapper to utilise, maybe a rap about Truth, Honour, Lying, relationship breakdown, coming out etc.. Anything where one person perceives the other person can’t handle the truth.. even some humour along the lines of g/friend asks “Does my bum look fat in these” and b/friend raps “You can’t handle the truth” lol….

  2. E52BEATS says:

    It al depends on the situation. Some as of late (meaning the last 10 years) a lot of artist or really their team want the artist more involved with the hooks too for publishing reasons. Back in the days you could scratch a hook in (Dj Premier) style and it would be all good, but as of the millennium things changed. When I make a track I always have a reference verse and hook so the artist can see how the flow of the track could go just incase they couldn’t see how to flow on it. But if they have a hook of their own it’s all good too as long as that money is good.

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