You CANNOT Please Everyone

You CANNOT Please Everyone

Wassup to the MM community! Here’s a subject I feel should be discussed especially for the beatmakers and producers who post their beats on youtube. Im speaking from experience as a youtuber who gets both likes and dislikes. Here’s a quick explanation just in case you have no idea of what i’m talking about. On youtube you have the option to click the thumbs up symbol (like) or the thumbs down symbol (dislike) which is right underneath the video. Not all youtubers have this setting enabled but most do. That tells me that you are willing to accept the fact that someone will dislike your beat video.

Now I have seen many cats get upset over dislikes and this boggles my mind. The evidence is seen through heated conversation in the comments below the video. There are even videos of angry people addressing dislikers which to me is hilarious. What I want to try to get across to anyone that gets upset about this, is to remember one thing. You CANNOT please everyone. Be glad they took the time to even watch 10 seconds of your material out of millions of others. I actually thanked some dislikers because it tells me that they watched it to begin with.

Don’t be discouraged with dislikers and don’t confuse that with haters. I remember Common said in The 6th Sense“I ain’t relating, if I don’t like it, I don’t like it…It don’t mean I’m hating.” (And that was before youtube was even invented) Keep doing your thing because being concerned with what people think will only frustrate or slow you down. So keep those beats coming and much thanks to all of you who keep the true spirit of hip hop alive. I want to leave a video of one my favorite artists who shares his thoughts on the subject of getting the chance to be disliked in the first place. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “You CANNOT Please Everyone

  1. djplanb says:

    I’m with you on that one AG. Getting someones attention to realize what you are doing, love it or hate it, is definitely better then that individual not knowing what you do at all. I rather 1 million people listening to it and 800,000 hating it than no one listening. At the end of the day that mean 200,000 people liked it and are potential future fans. The most sold albums ever such as the Beatles, I can bet my Maschine that you can find at least 1 person that hates their music. Without light there is no dark, without good there is no bad and If the world liked everything, we would not have known what dislike is…. It would just be HATERS.

  2. skotts says:

    First off most critics don’t know what their talking about. I feel if its from your heart and not a dick riding clone then its hot. Just cause somebody may hate it who cares. Cause niggas say its hot makes it hot? Listen to the radio and tell me that what their playing is hot and i’ll tell you its a dick riders world, wack.

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