MSXII Presents: The Joe Deertay Review

MSXII Presents: The Joe Deertay Review

What’s up MM fam, it’s The Maschine Gang General here with another review for y’all to check out. When I first heard the name Joe Deertay, I automatically thought about the David Spade character from the movie Joe Dirt which was hilarious, but trust me, this Joe Deertay production kit is no laughing matter. MSXII has put together a kit that’s full of dirty drums for your production pleasure. The Joe Deertay kit is made up of 3 folders… MSXII-Deertay Breaks, MSXII-Deertay Compositions and MSXII- Deertay REX files.

Deertay Breaks – This folder is made up of 11 Live drum loops from a live set. I’m not sure which drum set these were played on, but I can definitely hear the vintage SSL circuitry working here. If you like to chop your gonna have plenty to work with.

Deertay Compositions – is 13 instrumentals that include live drums, bass, organ, Fender Rhodes 73, Polymoog and great instrumentation to bring them all together.

I liked all 13 samples from Crazy Day with the dreamy guitar licks to Climb which sounds like The Beatles Abby Roads meets Curtis Mayfield Superfly and I know once you hear these samples you will agree too.

The Deertay REX files are 24 REX files ready to be loaded up into your favorite Rex player and mixed and matched to come up with something NEW!

MSXII has been bringing the heat time and time again and it’s always a win win situation when it comes to drums and samples from MSXII. Unit next time, this is E52BEATS saying stay tuned and stay Bangin’….. Peace



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