MSXII Audio Presents – The Sammich Kit Review

MSXII Audio Presents – The Sammich Kit Review


What type of sounds come to mind when you hear these words? 

Many of us have come to trust certain companies when it comes to delivering high quality sample/ sound kits.  MSXII Audio is one of those companies. They are known in my opinion for delivering quality with consistency. MSXII Audio Presents – The Sammich Kit is their latest offering. The kit contains 53 sounds in 16bit .wav format and each sound sound punchy and mastered with extra layering and stereo effects added in.

One thing I will say right off about this kit that attracts me (besides the sheer punch/ thump of the drums) is the extra added tails on many of the sounds. Many of the sounds have a trail which can easily be removed if needed. Another thing I love about kits like this is the variety of sounds. There are kicks and snares but also interesting hi hats that are short loops which are ready to be chopped.

Each of the kicks and snare have a nice meaty warmth to them. The kicks are nice and round with heavy bottom end, but not muddy at all and are eq’d to cut through a mix easily. The snares have an amazing dynamic quality to them that reminds me of the snares heard in productions by Timbaland or Dr Dre.

There are even a few vocal sounds in the kit that can be used to give beats character. One thing I can say without a doubt MSXII Audio knows sound design. If you are familiar with their previous kits The Unkempt Breaks Collection, Bars, Keys, and Anomalies, The Synth Immaculate, and more recently The Joe Deertay then you know their reputation. 

If you’re looking for pre-processed drums you can just throw in your favorite daw or sampler without the need to tweak, I suggest copping these. For only $14.99 they definitely knock it straight out of the box! 



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