Mode Audio: Atomic SFX Dance Hits and Loops Review

Mode Audio: Atomic SFX Dance Hits and Loops Review

What up MM crew, in this latest product review we will be going over Mode Audio‘s: Atomic SFX Dance Hits and Loops. Filled with over 150 risers, Impact Hits, Glitches, Explosions, Sub Drops, this is essential for all genres of production help to sweeting up your tracks.

In a previous blog post from me “Beat Arrangement: Make Your Tracks More Exciting “, one of the bullet points was transition sounds. MA equips us with fully ready ear candy sounds that will add more dynamics and anticipation of that fatal beat drop or change up that will make a difference. Well done MA! Job well done!

A quick tip as I was using these sounds in my own workflow, the Impact and Explosions Hits can really add more power on the downbeat. Kind of blend it in with the rest of the track. The sound is more used to make you feel it more than hearing it loud in the mix. Something subtle can be a huge dynamic.

Atomic SFX sample library is available in formats of Ableton, Reason, Logic, Maschine and Fl Studio that auto load to 8 patches in that programs sampler (8 machine groups).  Or you can get them straight WAV file. With MA listing this sound pack is best used with EDM, R&B, Dubstep, but I feel that it can also benefit in the production worlds of Trap and Hip Hop as well. But most importantly a dope beat is a DOPE BEAT!

With an affordable price listed $32.88/€24.38/£20 it is a necessity to have in your arsenal. Check out the sound demo below, then head over to Mode Audio and start creating impressive music!



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