!llmind x SoundAssociation: Electric Guitar Liqs Review

!llmind x SoundAssociation: Electric Guitar Liqs Review

What’s up my MM fam, it’s the General from Maschine Gang E52BEATS with a new review from the MM homie !llmind. This time around !ll has provided us with some ill guitars… Electric Guitar Liqs. I’m gonna keep it 100 and tell you that this is a MUST HAVE!!!

!llmind’s track record speaks for itself and he continues to put out quality samples and drum sounds without skimping on the quality of his material. By now it would be easy for him to just put out anything and people buy without hearing it, but he continues to give us high quality material and this is why I put my stamp on it ( if that means anything to any of you lol ).

Electric Guitar Liqs was recorded at SoundAssociation in NYC. The quality is 100% awesome and will be a welcomed addition to every producers sound library. The 1st folder “Guitar Liqs” is filled with 47 different styled guitar riffs. Each ‘Liq” has two variations of the riffs… a “Dry” version and a “Wet” version. These riffs will fit into any style of music you are producing, easily. I found a few that went perfectly with some tracks I already produced. Each file also has the BPM info so that you can grab a Liq and fit it into any track you’re working with providing that the BPM matches.

The second folder Guitar Extras has 3 sub folders :

  • 1-Maj7 Arp Down 
  • 2-Maj7 Arp Up
  • 3-Slide Fx

The Maj7 Arp Down is 13 guitar samples that run a major 7th scale. Depending what you’re working on the sound in this folder can be flipped many different way. I was able to chop up the .WAV and create a guitar pattern that suited my needs.

The Maj7 Arp Up can be flipped and chopped just like Maj7 Arp Down and used to create an assortment of riffs that’ll have your tracks rocking like Mr Slash from Guns N’ Roses played them himself.

The Slide Fx folder gives you a Clean, Crunch and Dirty version of each lick thats in this folder and you can hear each fret being hit with realistic clarity.

Like I said before !llmind has done it again and you’d be hard pressed to find a better guitar kit to compete with this series right now. Job well done Sir !llmind. Now do yourself a favor and go cop !llmind Electric Guitar Liqs right now! Until next time, it’s your homie E52BEATS! saying stay tuned and stay bangin’ … Peace!




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